Keyscape piano

We are pleased to feature a very special instrument in Keyscape. Ten years in the making, each of these sought-after keyboards was carefully restored and . Multiple Grammy-winner and 22-year old musical phenom Jacob Collier inspires us with this beautifully. Over 70GB worth of instruments. Grammy-nominated session legend Philippe Saisse improvises a joyful motif inspired by the gorgeous tone of.

Grammy award winning pianist Ruslan Sirota renders a sublime interpretation of the jazz standar Blame It.

He has reviewed many of our products in the past and it is always great to get a perspective from someone with such a wealth of knowledge, especially in pianos ! Lastly, Keyscape offers the Vintage Vibe Tine Piano , an instrument currently in production. It has a slightly tighter, more focused soun with a crisp attack. But dialing back the Treble can produce a darker, warm tone as well.

And it can bark nicely when you want it to. All three instruments offer Patches that . Worship Pianos – Keyscape is a collection of piano patches meticulously designed to give you that modern piano sound- from dark with lush modulated reverb to bright and aggressive. Now Playing: Introducing Keyscape.

KEYSCAPE : Alfredo Rodriguez – Bloom.

Honestly the best thing about Keyscape for me is that is has a go-to Piano. This is the right piano. Nord for gigging, Keyscape for recording.

And yes there are a plethora of uprights to choose from that sound amazing in the Nord. I think the company that customized my Rhodes was Dyno My Piano. Of course when someone had their Rhodes worked on there where different choices of customizations that could be done. But when I listen to my old recording that my Rhodes was used on my piano blows the Keyscape model away. Message : Cannot load SoundSource Vinyl Keyscape from Directory Keyscape Library.

Try refreshing the SoundSource Browser. These kinds of sounds and generic versions of these sorts of performances, both audio and midi styles. Spectrasonics have gone to great lengths in sampling an extremely diverse and specially-curated collection of vintage pianos and keyboards for Keyscape.

I found the Rhodes and Wurlitzer patches here to all be incredibly authentic sounding and sonically inspiring, with some very unique character and . Bundled pianos in Sampletank and in the Kontakt factory content. It seems as though every piano ever made has already been sampled. The virtual instrument world was and is awash with pianos. Then the videos started popping up and we got to hear Keyscape for the first time.

I have to admit, I was skeptical too. There is a simple XY window at the bottom of the GUI that enables you to quickly set the velocity sensitivity of the piano for all the keyboards in Keyscape.

Spectrasonics have also started a preset library for controller keyboards to give you quick access to the best setting for that particular keyboard. OK take of the top world class retro keyboards, throw in a Yamaha C- custom. Give all this to Eric Persing world class engineer a man with Omnisphere under his belt.

Restore all the keyboards meticulously, then let him sample them over ten years, in a studio he builds himself. Keyscape , from the company that makes Omnisphere is a virtual instrument plug-in featuring sampled keyboard instruments and more than 5patches. Stream Keyscape – Tiny Dancer LIVE feat.

For example, vintage hammer felts were used for the Cgrand piano , manicured to achieve warmth at the quieter end of the dynamic range and bite at the top. Rather than thinning down the velocity layers, the lite installation reduces the number of keyboard models from to eight, which should be sufficient for those . Just got my first midi keyboard for Christmas, pretty excited to purchase my first piano VST and to start making some music!