Sansin enviro stain colors

Our transparent finishes – available in a range of tones from Naturals all the way to our powerful Ultra-Saturated line – are renowned for their ability to . Sansin SDF provides tough, effective protection for wood siding. Browse by project and see what products and colors our clients have used in the past – or explore by product and get ideas for what you might do with your deck, log . De beste vervanger voor Olympic Water Repellent Oil Stain. To maintain the look of freshly peeled or sanded woo use Sansin Purity Interior Glacier.

Perfect for light-coloured woods like pine where a warm, mellow tone is desirable.

Easy to apply and maintain. Long lasting performance. Comprehensive colour range.

Inspired by the natural worl Sansin have created over stunning colour tones, so you can be sure of finding a colour to suit your project. We’ve harnessed the power of nano technology to create colour like you’ve never seen before. Learn how to get the perfect deck finish every time with Sansin Dec or SDF. We’ll walk you through all the.

Sansin Enviro Stains let the natural personality of your wood shine through. In this way, all Sansin enviro stains are able to migrate into wood of variable moisture content and create a breathable water repellent, UV, and weather protective shield.

MAINTENANCE: Use Classic colored to the desired formula or Classic Naturals Top Coat for long term protection and beauty. INTRODUCING SANSIN ENVIRO STAINS. Traditional petroleum and acrylic-based coatings protect wood by forming a surface film, which repels water and UV rays, but also tend to prevent evaporation, trapping moisture in . SANSIN Enviro Stain SDF is een watergedragen beits op basis van gemodificeerde natuurlijke oliën die diep in het hout doordringt, waar het zich hecht aan de houtcellen en zo een stevige, duurzame beschermlaag vormt.

Het hout gaat hierdoor veel min. For example, our pick for the best-looking finish, Sansin Dec Enviro Stain , showed good color retention on all species, even on the new ACQ SYP and green lodgepole pine. The warm beauty of wood enriches our lives.

Its natural charm inspires the imagination and its rich texture rewards the touch. But wood is organic – it needs to be protected. In nature, trees are protected with bark.

Every wood coating needs to be . For over years Sansin has been on the forefront of high performing, low and zero VOC wood care products. Description: A single-coat penetrating exterior stain that utilizes water borne technology to carry oils and resins deep into wood for exceptional color and .