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Diego hopes to play Alolan Vulpix early in a match and get more Pokémon into his hand with Beacon, or to play Diancie to get evolved Pokémon into action. Find out about the Pokemon TCG meta decks and discover the latest tournament decklists. Standard Format Decklists. In this article we take a look at a new Gardevoir list that is built to effectively make use of Super Boost Energy.

In addition to the card name and quantity of each card in your deck , we also require you to provide us with the set name and collector number of each Pokémon.

This will help us ensure that each player is using a legal deck. If one of the cards in your deck comes from a set previous to those liste but was reprinted in one of . PokeGym Pokemon Discussion Rulings Trading Tournament. Introduction With so many popular deck lists this meta relying on Special Energy and Stadiums, Mega Scizor-EX from XY-BREAKpoint finally gets his day! This deck list just might be the Anti-Meta deck , aimed at energy disruption and discarding Stadiums. Caleb used it to win the Colombian Special Event a. World Championships Deck List.

To use the Expanded format deck list generator (BW-on), go here.

Loved that feature about them. These code cards will unlock a digital deck for your online collection! After redeeming your code in the Shop . Official Pokémon Trading Card Game. Check out our list of the best Pokemon decks , then head to the comments and let us know what deck you think will be the winner! TCG : XY, but was reprinted . Covering the competitive Pokémon Trading Card Game with live tournament updates, news, stats, infographics, and an in-depth database.

Further deck list submission information can be found HERE! For the Pokémon TCG and Video Game Regional Championships, the format of each prize is dependent on the age of the recipient. How to build standard format decks for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This list comes courtesy of limitlesstcg.

Xander Pero and Colter Decker played a card mirror with Xander becoming the Champion after days of beating down all of the Fighting Pokemon around right now! Poke Deck List – Ultimate App for Pokemon TCG Players. Nonetheless, once the Pokémon is set up, with at least two, or (preferably) three Metagross GX, it is pretty much unstoppable.

Now the archetype is clear and you have seen the decklist that I have been testing, it is time to talk about the strategies that make this deck work. The continuous switching .