Meranti wood

Some species may have a slight blunting effect on tools due to small levels of silica present in the wood. Glues, stains, and finishes well. Rot Resistance: Reported as non- durable in . You see, in the world timber trade, the wood of many species with similar characteristics can sometimes be lumped together and sold under one . A Versatile Wood Confusion is one word that often comes to mind when talking about meranti as the name refers to a number of related species.

For a list of species associated with each name, see the article on Dipterocarp timber classification). Other products from Shorea spp. Commercial restriction: no commercial restriction.

Shorea sub-genus Rubroshorea with a specific gravity between and 78. Moderately easy to work with and glues and finishes well. Meranti may refer to: Shorea, a plant genus.

Common uses: Plywoo furniture, and boat-building. Light red meranti is a softer wood and not resistant to termites.

It can be dried using conventional methods and bonded using standard procedures. While the sapwood readily accepts preservatives, penetration of heartwood is insignificant using current commercial processes. The timber can be painte staine or polished . We are able to offer the door frames in best quality and in various densities of the wood.

The logs are loaded in vessels after inspection and come directly to our Gandhidham . Also find here related product comparison. The grain is usually interlocked. WORKING QUALITIES, QUALITIES Medium – The wood of the various species work well and in general are capable of a good smooth surface, but a reduction of cutting angle to 20° is beneficial where a tendency for the grain to tear becomes apparent. The dulling effect on saws and cutters varies somewhat with the species . When working this wood , patience is often required. However, sequencing of the nuclear PgiC ( phosphoglucose isomerase) gene in Shorea revealed that species belonging to each of the three timber . All merantis haveaxial resin ducts aligned in long, continuous, tangentiallinesas seenonthe endsurfaceofthe wood.

Perfect mahogany replacement, offering an easy-to-machine wood with good nailing and gluing properties. Decorative multiline meranti. Industrial meranti hardwood. Various physico-chemical parameters such as .