Macbook cover wood

Wood skins are manufactured from real wood veneer and cutted by lasers. Elegant Macbook wooden case for unique style. It smells and screams nature.

Try it now and give an uplifting style to your laptop. Stuk voor stuk met de hand gemaakt, daar staan we voor. Hand crafted wooden macbook covers by touch of wood.

Meticulously hand sanded and finished to perfection. High-quality wooden covers for MacBook by Glitty. Our products are crafted by hand in Pittsburgh, USA. Premium accessories made especially for your MacBook. Choose from our range of wood and stone skins and exquisite felt sleeves.

A wooden skin to protect the back of your MacBook Pro 13. Toast MacBook covers are laser-cut, high quality, real wood skins designed to protect and enhance your laptop. Customize your cover with custom text engraving.

Available for Apple MacBook Pro, Air and Retina models.

BEST Wood Cover for MacBook Pro! Personalize your Apple Macbook Retina with our stylish Wood Series Wraps. Fits securely and offers great protection. Decorative covers and cases by SlickWraps.

De case bestaat uit een ultrasterke kevlar kern omhuld met twee flinterdunne lagen duurzaam hout. No permanent residue will remain once removed. Protect your Macbook with real wood. Give your MacBook a real touch of a wood with this Glossy MacBook Wood Case ! Made in Germany by Woodcessories. It is meticulously made to ensure elegance and protect your MacBook from dust, dirt, and scratches.

In a sea of silver laptops, why not set yours apart? Sporting a profile of just 0. Durable, natural and beautiful. Looking for a new wood macbook pro case ? Our buyers guide will make your deciding process a breeze. The domination of Apple products has lead to an endless sea of the same in many offices and schools. Wood MacBook Skin available MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Touch Bar and more!

Check out our other MacBook decals, MacBook Wraps and MacBook cases here. In a world of wood accents, is this MacBook case cool, or just really, really dumb looking?

We each have our personaland dislikes and tend to customize our possessions with a personal touch. We even seek to find ways to give that individual look to our computers. One classy method of making your simple silver Macbook stand out from the crowd is to slip on a hand-crafted genuine .