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Additional Colors Available. Apex Dante Hutchinson Signature Deck. Apex Pro Scooter Deck – Paint Splatter. There are main styles of deck , a piece deck which adds rigidity and strength to the scooter , these are generally used for tricks and freestyle use.

The second are standard decks that require a folding mechanism to allow the scooter to be folded and transported more easily.

The Key to a great piece deck is to achieve. This was tricky as there are so many scooter decks out there. Our top pick will surprise you!

Arguably the most important scooter part to customize is your pro scooters deck. All else centers around the deck , so choose wisely! They determine how the deck feels to ride.

The main differences between all decks are weight, length, width and headtube angle (the steepness on how much your bars learn back) Each rider will have an idea in their head of what . Finding the right Scooter Deck can be extremely difficult.

That is why we strive to provide the best photos and info on the wide variety of quality scooter decks we carry. Fast shipping, Lowest prices and great customer service. Shop with confidence on eBay! Penny Gamma Glow – Green “. North Scooters TRANSIT FORGED LEGAUCH . Lucky Scooters makes the highest quality pro scooter decks on the market, including the Clover scooter deck , Strata scooter deck , and Crew scooter deck. Our deck range goes from the budget end at £all the way up to the very top end of the market at £260.

Phoenix Pro Scooters – 1. Ethic Pandemonium integrated deck. Envy AOSvLTD Charles Padel Signature Deck. Lucky TFOX Edition Prospect Pro Scooter Deck. The deck is the heart of any scooter.

Find the best scooter decks at Jibs Action Sports! We stock tons of colours and sizes. Our deck has been designed around our riders over the last several years.

Apex 580mm Deck , Apex Splash Deck , Dante Hutchinson Signature Deck. All our stunt scooter decks are available online or in our scooter store.

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